Kira Seiden lives in Turin and works between Venice and Turin.

Since 1998 she personally draws and makes her jewels.
She creates unique pieces.

They are sculptures to wear, to modify according to how one is dressed, to how one
feels at various moments of the day.

In the development of her professional and artistic career she combines occidental and oriental culture, attaching great importance to the use of materials such as
Venetian glass, ceramics, porcelain and Japanese paper (Washi).

Her research is focused on the study of these materials and their relations with light.

She works with prestigious museums making jewels her self in Murano freely inspired to the masterpieces exposed.

68 rue saint antoine - 75004 paris - Sur rendez-vous
Tel: 0033 /(0)9 81 88 66 15 ou 0033 /(0)6 99 53 79 10